Sistema Bolsa de Trabajo
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Pruebe gratis el sistema por 15 dias.
La solucion mas completa y viable, especificamente diseñada para bolsa de trabajo profesional.
Adaptamos el sistema a sus requerimientos particulares.

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Your new system has lifetime warranty and it was developed under international stantards. We developed the user interfase as simply as can be for a day to day use, with out loosing sight the full potential of a such magnitude software.
We are perfectly aware that your company from time to time will requiere additional support.
Your new system has free email support for the first year from purchase date, and 10 free hours of phone support.
We also have additional support in packs of 10 to 40 hours with the advantage that we can handle all your information technologies needs, even not related with your new system.
We resolve remotely in the whole planet, in a couple of minutes.

To get support or purchase additional support use the following form or call us at 33 3109 4414 at Guadalajara México. To get remote support please download this support software.
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