Sistema Bolsa de Trabajo
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Pruebe gratis el sistema por 15 dias.
La solucion mas completa y viable, especificamente diseñada para bolsa de trabajo profesional.
Adaptamos el sistema a sus requerimientos particulares.

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Extra benefit:   Complete integration with your procedures. | More benefits
Benefits of having your own job offering system:
  • You get a fully tested system for your current job offering operation
  • Delivers an appropiated way for the people to give you their resume
  • Delivers an appropiated way so your human resources department allways have resumes at hand
  • Delivers a big plus to your company, and your clients and suppliers
  • Delivers a big plus to your current internet site
  • Delivers extra income from advertising or offering other services and products, with detailed hit reports
  • Maintains up to date your current recruiting networks
  • You get a final practical solution for your jobseeking/joboffering operation. Keeping your current workflow.
  • Delivers a paperfree workflow
  • Speed's up your current jobseeking/joboffering operation
  • Automates process
  • Eliminates physical trips, meetings, etc.
  • Broadens your geographical range
  • Controls advertisers, companies, and job seekers payments
  • Attracts more traffic to your site
  • Guaranteed recovery of your investment

    Benefits to your profiles seeking for job positions
  • Automated followup to all your profiles
  • Immediate profile publishing (as soon as its authorized)
  • Unique chance to write their own profile with their own words
  • Quick profile registration
  • Maximum exposure to your profile

    Benefits for your job vacancies
  • Automated followup to your job vacancies
  • Immediate job vacancy publishing (as soon as it is authorized)
  • Unique chance to write their own job vacancy with their own words
  • Quick job vacancy registration
  • Maximum exposure to your job vacancy

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